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7 guache paintings on paper. 21X15cm each.

During this time of social isolation, the landscape has become more static given the lack of wandering. In that way, the light has influenced the way I observe the city. In Marcela's photos, I've watched the windows, which despite being distant places are still familiar ones. On the way between her photography and my drawings, some elements have been erased such as internal and external structures. Windows are the gap between inside and outside, it's the separation between intimate and collective. 

colab with Marcela Sciaccaluga (Chile) for @Meetings.proj

Meetings.proj is a collaborative project between 11 artists from different parts of the planet

producing artworks in the context of the current global quarantine. These participating artists from Hungary, Chile, Venezuela, USA and Brasil, will be collaborating on interdisciplinary works remotely in this first edition of meetings.proj 2020. The result of this project will be a series of exhibitions at the conclusion of the process.

the first edition was already exhibited at @1111_gallery in Budapest, Hungary as part of their ‘Closed Door’ group exhibition in september 2020.

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